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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

After math of covid through out the globe everyone started to witness a great barrier between the rich and poor, often people concluded that it’s an economic recession the world countries have been going through but ironically, we entered into the new form of democracy that not only creates a gap among the existing governmental institution also it shape a new future of politics i.e we are moving from invisibility to visibility (identity politics). The meaning of identity politics by the political analyst quotes “it is an political approach where people of particular gender, religion, race, social background, social class and environment and many other identifying factors develop political agendas that are based upon these identities”. To put it in simple form “class is back in politics” but we the people and the governmental institutions are ignoring at out peril. My notion of identity explains the “ practice of inequality” which the countries impose through governmental laws and their by neglect an section of people or barring a mass number of people to claim their fundamental rights and duties. Every country from India to United States there exist a clause saying that “all the citizens have been treated equally with equal opportunities” but do countries follow what they impose the rule of law, definitely not, many countries around the globe in some or the other form they create a nexus among the people and create a civil internal war mostly the groups between one who is in the first position and the other from the bottom level and the majority with the support wins the war and create a new dominancy this is the pattern which the democratic countries have been polarizing from long stand. This notion of politics shaping up during the covid times meaning their by the rich and first class people got their lives saved in the first hand and the bottom unfortunate people who are struggling for power loose their lives this clear picture have been witnessed by many people around the globe. Black lives matter, mee too movement, abortion laws, removal of caste, language domination, homosexual marriage, the Arab Spring, religion based terror and other similar movements are the example of identity politics.

Identity politics gaining attention in a larger scale often people think that identity is the only way that we get power right from feminist movement till claiming civil rights of particular group has become a fashion trend in many countries the media and other groups support and manipulate the existing political pattern. Political scientist argue that identity politics gives a transformational shift from social conservatism to social liberalism but in real sense it is narrowing the broad minds. Years of inequality and discrimination force people to form groups and fight against the dominant power but what they fail to recognize is there are many groups among them each groups objective is different from other the idea of gaining power get diminished in the very beginning of formation of groups. Even the global politics has been shifted into groups for example in general group of angry citizens who identify with the nation and are suspicious of immigration as well as the political establishment and on the other side populist, radical politicians shaking up the existing party systems and push an anti-immigration agenda parallel to this western dominance and Asian rising for power. The demand for dignity should somehow disappear is neither possible nor desirable the integration of small groups into larger wholes on which trust and citizenship can be built.

Social movements, struggles for recognition, associations constitute a significant domain of civil society. Equal respect for everyone is not limited to those who are like us, it extends to the person of the other in his or her otherness. The inclusion of "other" means rather that the boundaries of the community are open for all and most especially for those who are strangers to one another. Identity politics needs to be transformed by an openness to the other and recreate civil society as a space of ethico - political mobilization so that every ethnicity religion, race, language are preserved with rights.

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