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It is extremely very strange how a single moment can change a person’s life when you head out for a walk-in spring morning you could see sky glitters in refreshing blue, the sun was out and the air used to be warm. you will witness many wild flowers bloom along with the curvy roads it is incredible we live in such a beautiful environment. Among the many amazing things, we witness and realize in daily life there are many different youths we meet. Each one has its own story some are painful, some are on the go, some are on the top of the world and this is how the environment is built up. Though we are not on the same lane everybody struggled & suffered at one phase in their life and coming out from the dark is a magical moment in life.

In the midst of the chaos considerable pain surrounds us and gives a mental toughness either you win or you lose, it’s depending on our actions. When the negative vibe surrounds us often, we are demotivated controlling our mind from overthinking is the deadliest part. Ever wondered when you are in pain its not you the one in this universe, people like us from different corners experience the worst phase of their life but its all a question of threshold. Be aware of your body, your feelings, emotions, actions and reactions. On the nightmare of life attend yourself, give analysis of what went wrong and how can you let go the past. The focus on the present is very important don’t let your mind drift and overthink too much. Be aware of your actions either its good vibe or the negative one grieve and enjoy the happy moment. Behind every journey a broken little phase of life teaches us how to back up and never unstop from running on to your dreams. We don’t always succeed but we try and that should be our goal.

# Be Unstoppable # Get up & Experience the best part of life # Dust settles…you don’t #

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