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75th Independent India & its Little Freedom to Dalits

On the eve of India’s Independence Day, a nine year old boy from the lower caste Dalit community died after being beaten by his teachers for drinking water from a pot meant for upper caste teachers. Discrimination against Dalits is endemic in Indian Society especially about notion of impurity and contamination. It does not matter whether a Dalit is in school, at work or at play they are constantly reminded of their impurity and caste. This incident took place in Meghwal from Jalore District in Rajasthan this incident evoked anguished memories among many Dalits. However, this is not an isolated incident according to the National Crime Records Bureau over 130,000 anti-Dalit crimes were registered between 2018 to 2020. The highest number of anti-Dalit crimes was reported from Uttar Pradesh (36,467) , Bihar (20,973) Rajasthan (18,418) and Madhya Pradesh (16,952). Suicides, Rapes and Murders are rampant in India. The victims mostly belong to Society’s marginalized sections, especially the Dalit community. According to India’s National Human Rights commission every 18 minutes a crime is committed against a Dalit, with an average of three Dalit women raped and two murdered every day.


After 2013 when BJP came into power the social tensions between Dalits whose number exceeds over 200 million according to the latest census and upper caste Hindus are rising in the South Asian Country. We all know India is an independent country but whether it is completely independent definitely not about 70% of the population are from obc, sc and st and the rest 30% is upper caste Hindus then why this 70% couldn’t claim its independency is because India’s judicial institutions is filled with upper caste be it police institution, parliament office, judicial organization everything is under the control of upper caste. Today India is celebrating its 75th independence day but independence is meant only for upper caste Hindus. About 70% of the population in some or the other way they are discriminated in social, economic sphere of life and mostly importantly the innocent is killed just because of caste.


Indian Citizens knew how Dalits have suffered exclusion and suppression over the centuries and now they are facing worst type of humiliation under the BJP regime. V.K. Singh a cabinet minister in the NDA government who compared them to dogs and went Scot free. Who can forget Una where Dalits were mercilessly beaten by gau- rakshaks in broad daylight, the Gujarat Government took cognizance of the incident only because it went viral on social media. Whenever Dalit protested, they were attacked and they continue to be agitated without justice. On each of these occasion angry Dalits protested with full might on the roads and on the virtual media but they did not get justice they were humiliated by government enquiries as the guilty were protected by the Leadership be it BJP or CONGRESS whoever in the throne, they protect the guilty even the judicial courts are part of it.


Every Dalit’s last belief is Law and Order and no doubt Our Indian Constitution has many direct laws which benefit the people but the problem here is the execution. We have rules and codification in the papers but in practice we the citizens are failed to follow those. Government and its institutions are not only the problems even the citizen like majority from both the upper and lower caste want their status should not be changed. For some it is because their social insecurity and for many they love the pride status of caste. In 1997 K.R Narayanan became the first Dalit President followed by Ramnath Govind and Draupadi Murmu these presidents made no change in the practicality. And the cases regarding Dalit crimes during their period have not heard. One of the finest example any one can witness the hegemonical rule of caste Hindus is the Religious conversion due to increasing atrocity of caste violence in recent years many people are converting to the religions they like. This is because the minorities do not feel safe and secure in Hindu Religion. Well, we all know Hindu religion is based on the principles of Manu dharma. The BJP, who are in full-fledged power, sanctioned stricter laws in Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Up and MP regarding conversion. They simply do not want Dalits to convert or withdraw from Hinduism. Conversion is a fundamental right of a citizen guaranteed under the constitution. Creating a Hindu Rashtra without the consent of the people and suppressing them with stricter laws are the drawbacks which the Government and Court system doing for two centuries, and this is the reason the on going Dalit problems are not coming to an end.


Anybody who is looking into the caste problem in India knows the drawback or the commission of mistake is from both the sides. The Government and its institutions are failing to protect the existing laws meaning their by we have many direct laws which criminalize the discrimination practice but in practical the people are failing to follow it. For eg: we do not need caste certificates as one of the important documents to submit during school admissions but many schools in India ask the parents to submit it regarding this there is no stricter rules made for the schools to follow the law. Caste Discrimination begins from the school and it is increasing in a higher number where teachers harass, molest lower caste students and many a times they beat an innocent kid to death. From the Administration side the Government is failing to implement the law as well as it is failed in its checks and balances.

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